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Shouldn't be Happening

I don't know what's wrong with me. Just because the telly happened to be tuned to the Celtic game, I've found myself with an incredible desire to sit on the sofa, cheering on a team I don't support[0], consuming beer from the can[1] and generally acting very stereotypically male.

I also have a great desire to write things that have nothing to do with my wordcount. Once I'm done with at least the dwarves, damnit. Fleshing out what I write at work is helping if nothing else will.

[0]: A note for the weegies: Celtic or Rangers? I'm a cricket man. Yorkshire in the cricket, Hull City in the rugby.
[1]: Worthingtons Creamflow or similar bitter. Not Tennants, and especially not Tennants Super.
Tags: liquor and wordcount

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