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Warning: Toxic Meme

My journal has been a meme-free zone for a while now. I like it that way. Everything I write here is my own unless explicitly sourced otherwise[0].

There is currently a particularly annoying passive-agressive meme that states "If you truly believe in [cause] then repost this and title the post as "[cause]". If you don't believe in [cause], then just ignore this. Thanks." I'm deliberately removing the topic for the purposes of this analysis, but it revolves around discrimination based on a deviance from some perceived norm in what we consider 'Western' countries.

This "meme" is no more than a guilt-propagated ideological pyramid scam, a worthless pledge designed to give the posters a sense that they are above those who don't participate, that they are somehow "more for" the cause than those who don't copy/paste a quote and a sanctimonious whinge. Fuck that. I know who I am and I know what caues I am for and what I am against. If I want to state those causes, I'll do so in a form of my choosing, at a time of my choosing, for reasons of my choosing — and I will do so in the form of a discussion, stating my position and letting people comment, compare, and contrast.

I know I've fallen into the trap. I haven't ignored the post. But on the other hand, I could never really stand passive-agressive bullshit. I go for plain old agressive every time.

So fuck this meme. Causes should be taken up because of actual hard-core belief, not copy-pasted guilt avoidance. Though in this case the underlying cause may be good, the carrier is thoroughly toxic and should not be allowed to propagate.

And anyone dumb enough to think I am not a supporter of rights for some segment of the population just because I don't give in to shit like this should stop reading right now. You probably need detailed instructions in order to breathe, and I'm probably going to distract you from those with some more long words soon.

[0]: Though you watch, someone's going to find proof otherwise. Note the "for a while now". This is a statement of general policy, not absolute truth.
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