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A general update, with rant

I'm really getting fucking sick of Windows Vista. I need GameOS for, well, games. The support for games more than six months old is somewhere between "fucking abysmal" and "non-existant". I can play Deus Ex with fucked sound (which is less than useful given how I'm a sneak-hound) if I sacrifice a chicken, but I have to do truly brain-damaged things with drivers and compatability thingies if I want any OpenGL game (City of Heroes, Neverwinter Nights — these are my crack of choice) to even dream of starting.

It's enough to make me want to *gasp* buy XP. Needless to say, the copy of Vista is a) Beta and thus b) free. The idea of paying for GameOS brings a chill to my spine — doubly so because they're still not selling the AMD64 version of XP to people. But I have a good long rant about that coming later. I also have one about just why Vista sucks dwarf stars through carbon nanotubes.

In other news, we watched the new BBC Robin Hood thingie before heading to purplerabbits' party on Saturday. High Holy Fuck was that a truly worthless piece of televisual slime. I don't just want the duration I spent watching that shit given back to me, I want all the time I spent wondering if it'd be any good given back as well. Monkeys have made better television programs. So have tapeworms. Not content with being just shit in a "BBC trying and failing to do shallow action movie" way, there was also "With her makeup they should have let the actors keep their watches" and "Did Russel T. Motherfucker Davis write the cheap political polemic masquerading as dialogue or have the BBC found someone even worse?"

No spoiler warnings. You need to know. Avoid this waste of my TV tax.

In other news, I need to get back to working on this project. I'm taking my sweet time getting concepts together; those concepts need to start becoming words. Though at least taking the bluetooth keyboard to lunch with me means I get something done while at $ORK.
Tags: ass, liquor and wordcount, rant, really bad tv

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