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21K down, 9K to go. The other goal I had is done as well. Better late than never.

Samhuinn went well. I enjoyed it, and I'm glad that so many others did as well. No pictures of me that I've seen so far this year. I've got a lot of good feedback, and some things to take to the organisers' debrief on Wednesday. After that, no more organiser-y stuff to do until the run up to Beltane, unless I get sucked in to something else. I must admit, I'm looking forwards to getting my Wednesday nights back.

I spent yesterday in Glasgow, and as a result I've both a truly excellent new waistcoat (which reminds me, I should get some pictures of Flounce! taken and online) and a copy of Edge of Midnight (noir roleplaying at it's finest, and something I need to run soon). More on the latter as I continue reading it.

Today, I caved and got a freeview digital box. Not only do I now have access to channels like BBC News 24 and the War Channel^W^WUKTV History, but the picture quality is much improved over the old analogue signal. After that, I need to work on getting a new TV... speaking of which, perhaps the lazyweb knows of something I need. Is there a device that will take DVI-out from a video card and send it to a TV (via a SCART-plugin receiver or whatever)? Normally, the answer is "a wire", but I'm in need of something that does this without wires or a clear line of sight. Do these exist, or am I dreaming?
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