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I Like A Manifesto, Put It To The Test-o

So yeah. Project done and away. No spoilers yet. I'll wait until I finish the final draft for those, TYVM.

In the meantime, other stuff's happened. F'rex, I found myself watching the last Torchwood over dinner last night.

Now, I must admit, the first three were fucking dire, and I deliberately avoided the fourth because I am fucking sick of the alternate-reality Cybermen cluttering up the cunting universe. No, fuck you. There are real pre-RTD's brainfart Cybermen out there still, as established by the whole timeline of the past seven Doctors. Just because the writers can't be arsed watching any of the earlier, better, stuff does not give them the right to fuck with the universe. The AU plotline dragged through the last series of Who, finding any more shit from it cropping up anywhere else is actively painful. The only time I'd consider watching it would be if I were already really fucking steaming.

This one didn't suck totally. I was really surprised, too. Now, I'm not going to go so far as to say that it was good, but it had it's moments — that's not the dumbest explanation I've ever heard for Changelings, the child was suitably disconnected (a somewhat blunt indicator that she wasn't human to begin with), and if I tuned out the $DEITY-awful dialogue I found that this one actually gave me enough ideas that I actually want to run a DA: Fae game.

Then again, I've been thinking about reimagining RPGs. Why are all[0] combat systems based on [EDIT: a literary interpretation of] swordfighting-style combat[2]? How would it be different if the original writers were wrestling nuts? How would it be different if we weren't modelling fictional people's attributes, but their personalities — fuck how strong you are, how much do you believe in what you're doing? What does it mean to you? How much does it hurt to compromise your beliefs, and what does that drive you to doing? I have some ideas for a system and a vague setting to use it in, but I'll probably save it for a point that I can afford to write it up.

Last night was tehblahhh's birthday celebration in the pub. His endeavour to drink his way through the single malts was an impressive one, and I hope I contributed to this endeavour. I must admit to being slightly unstable as I left. I think that kinda started when zombywuf mentioned mescal chasers...

In other other stuff, I've finally got around to watching School of Rock. I avoided it originally on the premise that it was YAFKF[1], and then because I didn't believe in Jack Black's ability to be funny. Then, I just forgot it. My misgivings were entirely unfounded, the film crams in so much pure hard-core horns-throwing r-o-c-k ROCK that I'm happy to say that I was wrong.

[0]: FSVO 'all'
[1]: "...Kid Flick"
[2]: ref.
Tags: rant, really bad tv, rpg, who

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