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I've Got A Little List

I've some projects for the mid term (as in, not something to worry about while I'm on redlines, but after that). A list of them here is as good as anywhere. In order of time/expense/complexity:
  1. Test kubuntu on the laptop. If it works, install kubuntu on laptop. If it fails (probably due to the weird wired/wireless NIC — that's what failed a year ago), move all data off and scorched-earth laptop back to a fresh install
  2. Install Debian on desktop, and get everything working well enough that XP is just for games again (except for NWN, with its linux client)[0]
  3. Set up and with content again, knowing what I know from the last setup
  4. Sell my HTC Universal and get a Treo 680
  5. Junk my laptop[1] and get a second-hand 12" powerbook[2]
  6. Build from components a Linux media toaster for to watch downloaded stuff/record broadcast telly[3]
[0]: Not any ubuntu for two reasons. 1. I want to, 2. Ubuntu's default display manager (whatever displays login credentials) freezes up on a normal start. The only way I can use it is by booting in single-user mode. My google-fu is too weak to find a fix and I haven't any full evenings that I can dedicate to fixing things until January.
[1]: The power connector inside the case is loose so it can't be relied on to live longer than one battery charge without constant supervision, there're cracks on the screen hinges, and the bloody thing is two years old. Hence my doubt anyone's going to want to buy it.
[2]: Anyone got clues on decent places for second-hand kit for someone with a mild phobia of eBay?
[3]: Unless anyone's going to claim that a Mac Mini can do this job — including recording as well as playback.
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