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Dear Lazyweb,

Has anyone come across any papers on RSI and keyboard styles? I mean real actual research, not just "I tried it and it worked for me" — the plural of anecdote is not data. I know that generic el-cheapo keyboards are a bad idea, especially with the back end hiked up, and I've seen conflicting reports on QWERTY-vs-DVORAK. I'm currently using the (discontinued, apparently) Logitech UltraX, which is noteable for being a full-size proper keyboard that happens to use laptop keycaps/springs. Personally, I prefer it to the £1.50 crapware we suffer with at work, but was wondering if it's a sensible choice for RSI-avoidance or whether a bucking spring Model-M-alike would be a better choice?



[I had more to say, but this is enough of a question for now.]
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