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Weird dream

A grey-ish urban setting. Cars on the asphalt, not too many. No traffic jam. I'm running, and I mean really fucking peeling, the only thing I can think of is that I have to get away, from what I don't know, but getting away is the only thing I can think of. None of the fire escapes are accessible, this being an English setting, and the only buildings I can get into appear to be deserted. The streets aren't deserted but the alleys are. A few people, dressed fairly smart. Suit and tie, like office workers going home early, but they are just scenery. Some aren't. A woman in a black skirt suit down an alleyway, holding a hypodermic needle. That's one of the things I must get away from. Sat behind a desk, a short man in a tan trench coat, holding a SPAS-12 shotgun is another. Leaning against the door of a pub, a broad-shouldered man in a grey suit, holding a length of pipe in one hand, the other in his pocket. Another two, the details of which I cannot make out. They slowly herd me into a dead-end alleyway. No way I can get away. I know without knowing how that I have to chose one of the three people to kill me. It needs doing, I am far too tired with the chase and the relentlessness of those following to go on running. I pick the guy with a pipe, who proffers the other hand, which contains an amount of powder. A slow poison. An hour to run and die. As I run again, I realise that I don't want to die. It takes a while, but I makes it to a place I can only think of as safe, where someone can get rid of the poison. I am not yet ready to die. It's going to be close as I walk up to the door...

And then I wake up.

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