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Year in Review

The wind's howling outside like the Wolf of the North Winds with a bad cough. So let's see, what did 2006 have in store?

Upheval in the early part of the year, yes, but other than that 2006 went smoothly. I don't smoke any more, and I don't spend every night wankered—something my liver and wallet both appreciate. I cemented myself with the BFS people by running stewards for Beltane and torchies for Samhuinn. I've got two books in print now[0] and another soon to come. I turned 25 in Paris with J., I've still got my job and it doesn't suck as badly as the last one. I'm out of the basement and in to a new flat on the Lawnmarket.

Not a bad year, all told. What should I resolve to do next year?

There's apparently Seekrit Planz so that the Hogmanay party doesn't get called off. With the wind and rain as bad as they are, I'm not sure how much good these plans can do. Oh well. Time to go eat a steak the size of my head.

[0]: Shameless self-promotion - if anyone wants a copy of Shadows of the UK, comment with what you have to trade.
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