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Back in a Tracksuit

So I'm sat here having just knocked off a chapter of redlines, and I'm wondering a few things. Mostly, do I want to organise a group for Beltane? I talked myself out of going for the press officer job fast enough—it's too much of a time-drain when I've paying RPG writing to do as well as a day-job, and I never was any good at writing ad copy or answering interview questions. But do I want to lead a group?

If so, then who? Torchies are obvious—I've a commitment to them, and if I'm going to carry the flame I'd like to be an organiser. I can't drum, I'm not exactly acrobatic, and the elemental points aren't my cup of molten lava-grade coffee (see Stew be tactful). On the other hand, organising takes up a fair whack of time and I've got a nasty case of meeting-boredom that no amount of Palm-ported Larn can cure.

Eh. We'll see. I think it's mainly the Deadline Blues, where I can see one approaching but don't know how high it's going to be when it crests the top of my head, and so any time-sink is Trouble. I'll head along to the meeting and lay claim to the black tabards (if nobody else is better-suited to the role, obviously) and feel a whole lot better.

Some more thinking on Beltane-esque events tomorrow, I think. For now, save-file-and-sleep.
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