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The Power of the Beard

Most of my userpics don't look anything like me any more. This is because they are from source images taken in 2001, when I was young and pretty and beardless (example1 [image], example2 [image]). I think it's time for an update, and that update should include BEARDS!

Rather than engage in the self-indulgence of snapping my own mush for a fucking internet diary, I'm going for a collection of bearded characters from TV and films that have influenced me.

So far, I'm thinking Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski [image], Mickey Rourke in Barfly [image], and Trevor Eve in Waking the Dead [image].

Redlines and red wine are kicking my brain from here to Hell and back, so any suggestions of characters I've overlooked (and who I might think of as influential) would be most appreciated.

Oh, and the posted icon has just stubble, but it's near enough and conveys me in my near-normal satte of being pissed-off.
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