Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Odd Week

So, yes. An odd week.

I now have lots of DVDs, which is good. I'm caning my way though words, which is also good. My back went worse than it's ever been before, which is bad, but gave the doctor a clue for an altered diagnosis–I'm not pulling the damn weak muscles, they're going into spasm.

I wish I had found that out before spending a sleepless night wondering what deathless angel was scribing Enochian runes on my back in a powerful acid, but there you go.

I've signed my life away to Beltane for the next few months. No surprise there.

In other news: It appears WordPress are moving further and further away from producing useful software and closer to some insane drooling clusterfuck. Anyone got recommendations for blogging software? Nothing hosted externally, nothing black-box–I'm going to make some modifications to the normal "blog" type of thing.
Tags: catching up, lazyweb

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