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So, what's been going on apart from me extracting the life-force from every fucker who's been gloating about seeing the new Matrix film and seriously plotting a campaign of sabotage leading into urban warfare against everyone in Hollywood? Quite a bit, really.

By my WMClock right now it's one hour eighteen minutes into my 22nd birthday, but as always to me it ain't the day until I've woken up that day. Anyhoo, I'm going to spend a lot of the day playing Neocron (more on that later), hop online to receive the much love that I am deserved from the world that knows and worships/adores/doesn't entirely detest me, then I'm going drinking, in a big way. It's been too long since I was properly throwing up, falling down and trying to start a fight[1] drunk. I aim to rectify that situation tomorrow night. The joys of alcohol, yeah.

Yesterday, my early-present-to-myself arrived. A sort of combined birthday/finishing dissertation thing. Yes, another Gundam model kit. This one, though, was the Master Grade ZZ. I must say, opening up the GPO packing box to find something twice the damn size of any of the other kits I've completed was rather a shock. In a good way. Took me a fucking age to assemble, but it's worth it. Royally fucking impressive. The images linked here should give an idea of the look of the thing. Yes, I'm a geek for giant robots with big guns. That should have been blatantly obvious by now.

A few days ago, I signed up for Neocron after I was told about the "free for 10 days" trial. Basically, either install the game or download it fully patched, create an account and for 10 days you pay fuck-all. On the 11th day, you get charged for the software and you get the rest of the 4 week trial period before paying for the subscription. That's the way these games *should* be distributed, any way you can, and pay to create an account and play. It's got everything I want: A fun hacking system, cool outfits, a well-done cyberpunk style, and really nice big guns. Of course, there is a slight problem with this. Since on a night-time is when I'm around to talk to people, RP online, catch my mail and all that kind of thing, I can't play the game then. Disrupts my routine. Unfortunately, the past couple of days I've been doing shit during the day (or just waking up at 4pm), so I haven't played. Which is a pity as it's really a fun game. Still, that's what tomorrow and daytimes are for. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining or anything, just wondering about the economy of me paying for an MMORPG that I'd get to play but rarely.

Today was fun. Woke up at 4, went to see X2. Fucking brilliant film. One thing I will say about the film was that it had a lot more by way of what could almost be horror elements in it than I expected after the first, with both the whole armed invasion scene and the treatment of Mastermind[3]. The genocide attempt pales compared to that. Roll on X3, and may we see more of Colossus in it. Also more Shadowcat, and since they had Hank McCoy on a TV would it kill them to include a version of Beast? Also roll on T3, which there was a preview of. Who cares if it's T2 with h07 47hl371c ch1xx0r, it still is going to be one I must see. On a related note, the third image here is pure Terminator-related genius. All hail b3ta. There was also an ad for Tomb Raider 2, or whatever they're subtitling it. They should really just subtitle the flicks "Angelina Jolie's Tits", as that's the main reason people are watching them. It looks fun and mindless (and of course has tits), so it'll get a watch the same as the old one. Of all the previews, the only one that didn't really thrill me was the Hulk, and that's because there's only so many times you can see the same damn story in comics, in cartoons, in old and newer TV shows ad infinitum et nauseum. It's boring seeing the same "quest to destroy the dark impulse of anger/anger lending strength but taking intelligence" over and over. But hell, I may see it anyway as I'm a sucker for comics-based movies. One of the reasons to love the Matrix so much: it's the tale of the superman dressed up as cyberpunk with guns and kung fu.

Since I've gone on about films rather longer than I intended to anyway, why not continue? As many of you know, I'm into modern weirdness in a way that would freak a lot of others. Unknown Armies is my kind of setting, type thing. Because of this I'm one of these freaks who tries to think of modern applications of the legends in many religions. One of the best sources is the Jewish Midrash Aggada, which contains things like the Lamed vav Tzadikim. This is a rather dry treatment of the legend. However, Shard on the Mage forum threw This review of "Men In Black" out. This is precisely the kind of reinvented ancient legend I love. One day I will come up with something as cool as this. One day.

One last thing: For all of you that have heard about the "Superhero" in Tunbridge Wells and don't read b3ta, I really hate to do this, but it's a fake. It was perpetuated by a b3ta board member and a couple of mates. It never really happened. Full interview here.

Right, I think that's enough non-ranting entertainment for you lot for now.

[1]: And failing to actually start anything. People around here are total cowards. I think they're scared of John[2] sitting on them. He's a fucking psycho in a fight.
[2]: Of Midnight Philosophy fame.
[3]: Okay, so it was Jason Stryker, not Wyngarde. But come on, name of "Jason", can control minds by projecting illusions into them... it's not rocket science for a comics geek.

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