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Something Completely Different

Went on holiday. Did lots of walking. Very good. Very relaxing. Pictures and writeup when I get a CF-card reader[0].

I've just finished reading wyrm_chris's review of Shadows of the UK, and the followup forum. dandelion_clock posted in there a couple of threads discussing the book when it came out that I hadn't seen before. They raised a couple of issues with my bits of the book that I want to respond to[1], but the thread's been dead for a long time now and I know better than to attempt necromancy with my first post to That Place.

I therefore throw it open to the floor: Is it worth me responding here? On the LJ Werewolf community? Somewhere else? Or should I just let it be?

[0]: The camera was both cheap and old, hence the odd style of storage—world+dog seems set on SD these days, with the exception of morons at Sony who think MemoryStick is all people need.
[1]: The Thatcher Rant and the reference to the Hillsborough.
Tags: lazyweb, rpg, thinking aloud

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