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Fscking Disks

Fucked hard drive == NWN2 won't install. Knob.

Worse, NWN savegame on entering the lair of that sodding big red dragon at the end of Act 3? Fine. Savegame after killing aforementioned winged bastard in the one fight in the whole game that I don't want to go through again?[0] Kaput.

Time to get in touch with Novatech and start the round of sorting a replacement. Sod's law, really.

[0]: Paralysis plus fast biting damage. If I can move, the bastard's a pincushion. If I can at least swing, I can cut him up good with the benefits of ranger dual-wielding. If I can't do anything at all? Death is a guarantee because there's no way to survive the damage output over the paralysis duration. And why do henchmen and companions always fall to fear so damn fast? Arseholes...
Tags: hardware, suckage

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