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What if?

What if, for whatever reason, you could not die? Your body adapting to changing circumstances and healing itself, and never aging or ever dying, until the heat death of the universe puts an end to space and time. What would you do when you see generations of humanity sloughing away like so many autumn leaves. Worse, what do you do when you realise that humanity is extinct, so much time has passed that counting your age no longer matters, that you are well and truly alone in the universe. What do you do then, knowing that whatever happens, you cannot die. You cannot end it all. Even when the sun burns out and the planet Earth is reduced to so much dust you still hang there, alive, forever. How long would it take you to go insane? What kind of insanity? Or would you try to cope, attempting to observe the whole universe from a static point? What would you do, and why would you do it? Far too often people forget that immortality means outlasting the entire human race and is more of a curse than a blessing, especially in the long run.

What would you do?

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