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Ghost Rider

tehblahhh will know what I mean when I say that Ghost Rider is a film for Jan of D-I-B.

It features a burning skeleton biker with a fuckoff big chain that's on fire. This biker has a bike made out of chains and skulls and spikes. Oh yeah, and the wheels of the bike are on fire. There's also a burning skeletal cowboy with a horse that is on fire. But he's pointless, because he's a cowboy and not a biker.

As Marvel films go, it's about the level of Daredevil: It's got a target audience (DD had over the top martial arts nuts, GR has chains-and-burning-skulls metalheads). It plays to its target audience. If you don't match the demographic, you're going to be disappointed. This isn't a reimagining on the level of X-Men 1&2 or Spider-Man 1&2. It's a genre film for people who aren't ashamed to throw the horns and spack out whenever songs involving blood and death and satan hit the sound system.

Don't get me wrong, it's not worth paying to see. It'll be worth it as a discount DVD or something, but don't pay more than a fiver for it.
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