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I want an infosphere. For the three of you who saw Final Fantasy: Spirits Within, I'm thinking the thing Aki wears over her eye, which projects a heads-up display over her vision. I'm thinking for work: isolate my monitor and allow me to put documents anywhere I like around it, using synch technology similar to LifeDrive. So I can have a document on my physical desk and make annotations, and gestural input converts my pen-scribble on the virtual document to text and updates the document.

I don't just want this because I've been working on lots of hardcopy—5 different spreadsheets with 30 worksheets apiece, needing a random-access method to each sheet. I've hacked up the best I can for a "open any worksheet from a menu" addin, but there's only so much you can do before using all the space around you is the best way to go.

Damnit, where's the future gone?

It's missing, if it's still around at all. I have a big thing boiling in my head, a whole thing about this decade's word being "homogenity". Nobody wants real things, they want cartoons and stereotypes. Which is a fucker, but if you're reading me you know where I'm going by now. These things are cyclic, let's get to the modern equivalent of the point when a Jag had to be an E-type or have a bonnet seven miles long before they'd let it out of the factory. The days when every month had a new invention, when something introduced in one year is something you can't do without three years down the line.

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