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More updates

Well, Kris is here and things are... weird. In the kind of "damn, I'm not used to this" way, not in any bad way. I'm used to not having anything to do (fuck, how did I get through so many years of university?), but not having something to do with company is a new experience. It's something that can't be multitasked as easily as an online conversation, which is odd. Again, not in a bad way, just not what I'm used to. However, the sex more than makes up for it.

There's more, of course. The future path dichotomy, mainly. That can wait while another post, however. I need to think more on it before I put words to it.

In other news, I've been doing nothing. Professionally nothing. No playing Neocron, no writing, not even much by way of reading. Bah. This "having company" lark is weird. Note to self: Need to finish that damn intro story for the TSH. I've got maybe a quarter of it done but I've not looked at it in weeks. Also need to work more with Jim and his trials and tribulations in the secret worlds of 80's England. Also need to finally get something relevant to Werewolf written so that I can send in a writing sample. Damn my lack of ideas. Once I have a title I'm working to, I'm happy, but without a title or an idea I have a much harder time. Which is a whine I've gone into one too many times in the past.

I'm through the cravings, but into the third month of not-smoking, the month when the lungs start doing lots of weird shit with mucous, all in the name of mutating into a form that can deal with oxygen in an efficient manner. Mmm, mutation. Well, not mmm. Blergh, more like. Makes me alternately wonder why I quit and why I started in the first place. And even now there's a small part of me that wants a cig.

And now I want to run a hardcore Mage game, tearing at the foundations of modern society with hammer, chisel and explosives, working to further the cause of chaos for no reason than chaos. Blowing up power stations and dumping LSD in the water supplies of random cities. Sowing chaos to change the world, really the sort of thing The High's crows was up to in Change Or Die. Because sometimes you have to fight to change the world, and every war has casualties, right?

Damn, but my brain feels slow. Work, you fucking thing. I think my landlady's dead. I don;t want to get my hopes up, because then she'd come round and lecture us, but there's been no signs of life for the past couple of weeks... I live in hope that she's gone.

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