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FAO: grendelsmere, brain_hurts, and horza (if you can make Thursday evenings). Others can feel free to steal these.

All the below are games I could be convinced to run. Long form games are ongoing, series of several stories. Short form games are only one story, between 1-3 sessions worth of game.

We start with a short form, then a long form unless you convince me otherwise. I want a chance to get back into things before running a longrunning game again.

We play Thursday evenings. More details when I know them.

Long Form

Harsh Realm
System: True20
Premise: Thirty years from now, the United States government sets up a Disaster Preparation System. The characters are hooked in to this virtual simulation of life, living in a virtual world where each city has undergone it’s own disaster. A disease has turned New York into a quarantine zone. Radical greens have reforested Seattle. The people must learn to cope with their new world, and the strange powers some of the immersed demonstrate.

The One Hundred
System: Truth and Justice
Premise: An alien disease has come to Earth. It transforms machinery and people both into engines of destruction. In three weeks, it’s turned large sections of the world into a wasteland. The plague is altering the atmospheric balance of the planet even as it removes humanity. One hundred people have been blessed with superhuman powers. They’ve been chosen to save the world. Are they up to it?

System: Mage: The Awakening
Premise: Brittania, the Goddess of Britpop, is making a comeback in a big way. Naturally, this presents our cabal with a problem: She’s chosen them to live out her rock’n’roll lifestyle whether they want to or not—it’s the biggest summoning ritual in a long time. Can the cabal deal with a spirit wrecking their relationships in the name of summoning, and can they inject some Screaming Banshee Aircrew into a night of the Arctic Monkeys?

Heart of the Wolf
System: Werewolf: The Forsaken
Premise: Edinburgh’s an overcrowded place. A newly-Changed pack of werewolves must adapt to their new condition while dealing with ancient ghosts, strange new spirits, and the infovore of Appleton Tower. They also need to carve out a territory, preferably one big enough for them all to sit down in. Nobody said it was going to be easy, living in the middle of a herd of prey when your every instinct is telling you to hunt. How can you live?

Short Form

Global Adventure
System: Adventure!
Premise: At the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century, humanity begins to change. Adventure calls these people, these daredevils, stalwarts, and mesmerists. On other worlds, they inspired the pulp stories, but on this one they’re breaking the chains between this century and the last. Everything that happens in the Adventure! timeline happens about a hundred years in the future, and the characters invesitgate the weird past.

Wuxia Wars
System: Wushu
Premise: Star Wars, at the height of the clone wars (between the second and third new movies). But throw out the crap acting and unsympathetic characters. We care about agile lunatics humping all over the fucking place with lightsabres. This is Star Wars by way of Chow Yun-Fat and John Woo. The characters are Jedi and companions, travelling the galaxy in search of Sith overlords and droid commanders in order to kick their ass for justice!

Legends of Fortune
System: Æternal Legends
Premise: The characters are all new Legends, out trying to carve a niche in the world around them. Their journey is one of wonder, discovery, and beating the unholy Hell out of Darksiders who get in their way. They must learn what it means to be a hero if they’re going to save their community and capture the White Unicorn of the Undercity. This is a condensed trip through the world of ÆL, giving plenty of chance to come back later.


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