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Mob United Media Announces Stewart Wilson’s Æternal Legends



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Game Will Inaugurate the Mobworx Creator Owned RPG Line

Peterborough, ON, Canada: Mob United Media is proud to announce the upcoming release of Stewart Wilson’s Æternal Legends. Æternal Legends is Mob United Media’s first independent creator owned release, designed and developed using a collaborative process intended to uphold creators’ rights and refine their efforts.

The game will premiere at the Canadian National Gaming Expo, part of the FanExpo convention on August 24th, 2007. After that, it will release in print at Mob United Media’s Lulu Storefront and on OneBookshelf's sites, RPGNow and DrivethruRPG.

Æternal Legends is set in a fantasy variant of the modern world, where magic seethes beneath everyday affairs. One person in twenty is Aware, able to see the magic around them and enter secret Pocket Kingdoms. Only a few are called to be Legends: epic heroes who fight evil with strength, cunning and raw idealism. Elf, dwarf, gnome and human Legends use the mystic Spheres to defend their beliefs. Their quests can turn them into living avatars of magic – or push them to a final showdown with Da’ath, Dark Lord of the Abyss.

Inspired by classic fantasy sagas and the revival of magical stories in young adult literature, the game emphasizes the whimsy and wonder of modern fantasy. From theme to execution, it bucks the trend of cynicism without going easy on theme. Wilson’s world combines Gnostic and Cabalistic influences with enduring fantasy motifs. You’ll see familiar ideas and names, but each one has a distinctive twist. Idealism is more than just a buzzword – it’s the source of magic. Ironic anti-heroes aren’t the default, but the enemy.

Æternal Legends is the first independent release in Mob United Media’s Mobworx line. Mobworx exists to promote and develop the visions of independent creators with an emphasis on creator’s rights and ethical business relationships.

In upcoming weeks, Mob United Media will preview Æternal Legends characters, magic, artwork and more on its Livejournal, at

Stewart Wilson: Author and Creator

Edinburgh, UK author Stewart “Digital Raven” Wilson may be best known for his contributions to White Wolf Publishing’s core World of Darkness and Werewolf: The Forsaken lines. His interest in the occult, transhuman themes and fantasy literature have blossomed in the strange but sincere world of Æternal Legends.

Malcolm Sheppard: System Design and Development

Malcolm Sheppard’s writing, design and development work runs the gamut from White Wolf’s horror and dark fantasy lines to the cyberpunk genre, open source gaming and multi-platform social networks. Mob United Media is his imprint.

Mob United Media and Mobworx are trademarks of Malcolm Sheppard and Mob United Media. Æternal Legends is a trademark of Stewart Wilson, used with permission. Use of trademarks and the mention of other companies and their products are for reference purposes and do not necessarily imply any particular business association with Malcolm Sheppard, Mob United Media or Stewart Wilson. The rights held in all copyrights and trademarks, registered and otherwise, are properties of their respective owners.

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