Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Æternal Legends - The Teasers Have Started

The first teaser for Æternal Legends is up now on the Mob United Media LJ. Go ahead and friend that LJ if you're at all interested in the game.

Excerpt of the Excerpt, in order to whet people's appetites and make them click:

On Playing It Straight

Æternal Legends isn’t designed to be a cynical re-examination of the fantasy genre. This is a game about sincerity, idealism and a certain amount of innocence. That means it’s time to return to things you once dismissed as clichéd and time to commit to your characters and stories, even if you’re exploring familiar ground with them. Don’t resist the archetypes – celebrate them.

In Æternal Legends, wizards really do hire Legends in bars to explore ruins. To a Legend, it’s second nature to go on adventures and furthermore, it’s part of a spiritual journey. That’s the heart of the game: fantasy adventure is the mirror of a Legend’s soul, and even the most derivative stories reflect a search for a greater truth. Legends don’t meditate on reality’s nature. They find it in treasure chests, mazes and at the point of a Dark Lord’s sword. Take this “Gnostic quest” structure by the throat and you’ll play the game as it was designed to be played.
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