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Æternal Legends: The Original Thing

Some of you may remember my Fast Fiction Week, where I hit five stories in five genres with only 200 words apiece.

The first story in that week (this one) was the initial inspiration for Æternal Legends. It's kinda odd to see just how far things have come in almost three years...

Oh, and some people probably noticed that digitalraven.org is back up. I salvaged everything I could, but the New Combat Journalism manifesto is long gone. The feed address hasn't changed: digiraven_feed. I'm trying to add something new every three days or thereabouts, from fiction that was originally on the site to new stories. Everything there's run on here originally, but often not for a long while. The site's a place for me to show off to the world without burying things fifteen pages back in a tag view.



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