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Æternal Legends Actual Play - The Swords of Yesterday

So, ran my first proper session of Æternal Legends today.

Our protagonists, nay, our heroes are:

Jorgen, Son of Jotun: A dwarf raised in a traditional dwarven Pocket Kingdom, Jorgen showed an aptitude for the forge at an early age. Coming to the modern world, he was enamoured with the destructive potential of modern weapons, and set out to learn as much as he could about them. He's currently studying weapons engineering at MIT, as a "transfer student". Jorgen's a dwarf of the Beauty.

Morgan Benyata: A spirit told Morgan to come to America. Spirits had always spoken to him, but this one was different — a large cape hunting dog, with a dishevelled tail told him to go to America, to hunt the sandwiches. To that end he has provided traditional medicine for anyone who comes to him in Boston, and he charges as appropriate, and spends quite a lot of his funds in various delicatessens, consuming grinders, subs, hoagies, and other forms of meat between bread. Morgan's a human of the Mercy.

Cameron Forbes: A Harvard man through and through, Cameron's a researcher and mystery archaeologist always on the look out for items of Aware history to catalogue and understand. He's more comfortable among the abstract than the physical, and to that end has studied the arts of thought-magic to back up his pacifist worldview. Cameron's a professor at Harvard, and a gnome of the Splendour.

The Swords of Yesterday: I

We start with our heroes each receiving a blank piece of card in an envelope. As they open it, golden writing scrolls across the surface, with glittering gems accenting the punctuation. This particularly ostentatious display invites them to a talk on the Arcane Weapons of the South Sandwich Islands[0], a topic which comes with a free bar and supply of sandwiches. It appears that the person giving the talk, one Bill Laymon, can't resist a pun.

Jorgen sits through a quarter of an hour of mind-numbing facts and figures that don't go anywhere near the exciting subject of the talk. He swiftly departs in the direction of the free bar. Cameron and Morgan both realise within about five minutes that the lecture isn't actually a lecture — Bill's spouting rubbish, and a spell is making the others hear a boring lecture. They join Jorgen in the bar. Morgan uses her Animal Dominion ability to channel the senses of a Cape Hunting Dog, checking if the food is poisoned. Bill, an Aware elf with feathers for hair, gathers our heroes and spins his tale.

The South Sandwich Islands (hence the Sandwich Isles) were home to an ancient civilisation who had learned to channel the essence of the gods through powerful weapons. They made spears that could pierce the veil of night and swords that could cleave the seas in twain. Bill had finally uncovered the existence of a pocket kingdom housing those weapons, including the remains of the civilisation — the actual civilisation killed, possibly by invisible demons that brought sickness and plague — but a fellow researcher leaked his research to a Darksider. Said Darksider took the three clay tablets that Bill had found and left for the islands. The condition of entry for the kingdom is that one must traverse the islands in a specific order whilst holding something made from clay fired on the islands. Without those somethings, our heroes are stuck.

Bill fears that the Darksider will bring those weapons back into the real world and use them to wreak havoc — splitting the Atlantic Ocean and drowning the Eastern Seaboard, for example. He needs our Legends to save the world. Cameron dug up the possibility of finding some artifacts from the Sandwich Islands inside the Museum of Natural History in New York. Morgan sprang for plane fare, and the three soon stood in NYC, in front of the closed museum.

Debating whether to break in, Jorgen channeled his Eternal Guardian ability to ensure that what they sought was within the building. It was, but in a storage sub-basement. Resolving to return the next day when the museum was open, our heroes retired. Cameron spent his night poring over Bill's notes on the islanders, and Morgan offered thanks for the safe travel and prayed for success in their search.

Morning came. The birds were swaying, the trees were singing, the crows cocked shotguns, and our characters went to breakfast. Finally, they had a chance to introduce themselves and to get to know each other over breakfast and coffee. All too soon they returned to the museum. Investigating, they went to the curator's office. Cameron bluffed the curator into granting them access to a sturdy room to inspect the artifacts, but reminded them that they would be under constant surveillance.

Rather than a contrived plan to steal the tablets, Jorgen had a better idea. Carefully holding the tablets in his hands, he extended his mystic senses through the tablets, gaining a perfect understanding of their construction — so that he could later use his major power to duplicate them down to the last detail. Cue comments of "You're going to commit physical copyright violation? Cool!" Our heroes spent the rest of the day studying the records and inscriptions on the tablets, before flying back to Boston. Jorgen, back in his workshop, was able to replicate the tablets. Our heroes now just need to get to the Sandwich Isles, cross into a pocket kingdom, and stop a Darksider from unleashing ancient weapons of incredible power.

All in a day's work.

[0]: In the real world, the islands have no native population. There was a small native population, long dead, in the game.
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