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Mobile Tech Question

Dear Lazyweb

I've been sick and tired of the HTC Universal for a long time now. I'm up for a change: a cheap and cheerful candybar cameraphone like the K800i (with the most important feature being it's lack of cost), and a Nokia internet tablet (N770 or N800) running off the phone via Bluetooth. I've looked online and I've not found a simple comparison[0] between the two tablets.

So, inform me. What're the fundamental differences between the N770 and the N800? Just speed and software support (Skype, which I tend not to use), or is it something more noticeable, like the N770 not supporting sensible-sized (1GB+) SD cards?

[0]: I need a simple comparison; while T-Mob's free internet price plan is all well and good, dealing with their staff or stores is an experience I never want to go through again.
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