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Designing Things

Just spent the whole evening coming up with funky character sheets for my Æternal Legends game. While Word is a fucking annoying program to write in[0], it's a passable DTP program. There's a few little details that make it better than OO.o for my mindset.

Of course, I'm going to find that opening these files in an earlier version of Word shags my layouts. That'd be par for the course, to be honest.

So, yeah. Quiet weekend, which I needed. I know I'm getting old, when a weekend in is a good thing. Not too old, though, as I spent much of that time levelling my invulnerable ninja robot. I'm still on the CoH wagon, and I'm enjoying it more. A change in mindset really helped — soloing scrappers should be intelligent and select targets, rather than wading in and dying repeatedly.

I'm blaming my lack of short fiction on my current online game addiction. My ideas have slowed down, those few I've had are all going to paid work (mostly Æternal Legends, which is good — though I need to start work on a supplement). Expect something somethime reasonably soon, though.

[0]: 2007 marginally less so than the others, given that it finally brings the styling engine front and centre. This breaks down the document creation process to three-pass — write document, apply styles, choose stylesheet-equivalent[1]. Which doesn't suck too much, especially as the stylesheets aren't completely ugly. The prior method was write document, apply formatting, pixel-bitch formatting, discover style engine, swear at style engine until the bastard thing almost does what you want, watch as the whole thing looks fucking hideous because of a small trick that nobody but the internal Word programmers properly understand, give up in despair.
[1]: Unfortunately, I've not yet found a bunch of keyboard shortcuts to apply specific styles. I may need to write a markup language in VBA to fully leverage the styles. Or just do more research.
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