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Jousting Legends!

Jousting in Linlithgow today. A rather good day out, spoiled at the end by there being no pub to collapse into, and my having caught too much sun and not enough caffeine. I'll have some pictures up when I get them off my phone, but I watched more through my eyes than the screen of my cameraphone. Yarr, violence! And Greenery!

Earlier this week, we had more Æternal Legends:

Morgan's player couldn't be with us this week, hence Morgan was relegated to a background role — with a travelling adventure such as this, we couldn't have him simply vanish. Without further ado:

We open in Boston, the morning after the night before. Jorgen has worked through the night, mixing samples of clay in order to fabricate new tablets based on those that the circle found in the Museum of Natural History. Morgan and Cameron went back to see Professor Laymon to discuss transport, and settled on a plan — Morgan arranged flights to the Falkland Islands, but the only plan that she can afford at such small notice includes a two-day stopover in Buenos Aires.

One plane ride later, our heroes are in Argentina with two nights in a cheap hotel to look forwards to. All three retreat to their own rooms for some time alone. Cameron decides to take the tourist option, wandering the city with camera and notebook. Morgan stays in her room, and Jorgen tries to study for an exam. A boy of no more than ten tries to steal Cameron's bag, though the wily researcher has been to many conferences and knows the benefits of a tough strap. What he doesn't notice is the boy's knife biting through the fabric lower down, and his wallet falling into the boy's hand.

Half an hour later, a rock sails through Jorgen's window, swiftly followed by the same boy. He grabs the dwarf's passport from the small table and dives through the broken window before anyone else can react, though he slices his leg on a shard of glass when he exits. Jorgen, quite naturally, gives chase. Unwittingly, the boy's path takes him past the bench where Cameron is sat enjoying a coffee. Seeing his companion tear past at high speed, Cameron naturally joins the chase. The boy leads them out of the main tourist traps, then ducks into an apartment block. Jorgen follows, only to get a heavy pan in his face. Cameron remains outside, waiting for the boy's next move, as Jorgen follows the boy to the roof.

Cameron, meanwhile, scribbles a runic symbol on the wall, a memory key that allows him to skim the boy's surface thoughts. It's enough for him to know that the boy's little more than a courier. Upon seeing the boy jump to a neighboring building, Cameron barges into the main stairwell and heads up. Jorgen, heart pounding and mind racing, tries jumping the gap, but is left hanging by his fingertips. By the time he rights himself, Cameron's on the roof as well. There's a troll waiting for them on the roof, a walking slab of stone. After a brief exchange with the kid, he extends a hand and utters a phrase in a guttural dialect. A tongue of flame licks towards Cameron, but the Legend invokes his major power, jumping the spell back to the troll, badly burning his chest. Needless to say, a fight ensues.

It's scrappy — the troll's big and knows how to beat on people in addition to magic, while neither of our heroes have any combat skill to speak of — but Cameron and Jorgen fight with their convictions. Even though the troll ("Luis", says the boy, before running) lifts part of the air conditioning system for a weapon, they manage to prevail. Luis summons fire to destroy their documents, but the concentration his magic needs gives Jorgen an opening. He batters Luis about the head with a steel pipe, and the troll drops. He's alive, but he knows he's beaten and doesn't resist Cameron's thought-magic as it worms into his brain.

Cameron's able to divine that Luis travelled down the day before with his employer, a dramatically dressed orc with large bat-wings, and the phrase "walker on dark roads" echoes through Luis' mind. The gnome also learns that this Darksider is still in the city.

Our heroes return to their hotel, where Morgan has ensured that nobody else broke in. The night passes without incident, though they change hotels just in case. The three go sightseeing together on the next day, then go catch a plane to the Falklands. Neither the orc nor the troll are on the plane, though. Cameron and Jorgen debate how important their timing is — Cameron believing that Luis was simply to slow them down without wasting the resources to kill them, giving them more time, while Jorgen's sure that they need to beat this walker on dark roads to the weapons in the first place.

They meet with the Falklands' Sentinel, an older man who ties in their talk of a Darksider with a doctor's seaplane that went missing a couple of days ago. They convince him to get a steward to accompany them on a fishing trawler going out towards the Sandwich Islands which should get them there by the next nightfall. Cameron and Morgan turn in for the night, but Jorgen stays up for a drink or four with the pilot of their boat.

The old man tells Jorgen a tale of woe: He'd heard of the Interstice on the islands, and wanted to be the first to walk its soil in a long while. Towards that end, he comissioned a bracelet that would allow him to breathe and move underwater the same as walking. The sea around the islands is a fickle mistress, and it washed him back to the Falklands, though without the bracelet. Now he wants it back, so he can give it to the one woman he loves — that same sea-spirit, in the hope that she will let him return to her. He asked Jorgen to assist him, and the dwarf agrees.

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