Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

XJournal is a flaky sack of shit

Seems every fourth post causes XJournal to crash for no damned reason. Of course, I like just enough functionality that I'd miss if ever I changed (the indexed collection of olf posts is damned shiny). And the project's not being maintained any more. Bah.

Anyway. A gang of inebriated troglodytes woke me at half four, slamming each other into shop fronts and yelling "CAAAAAAAAAAANT" at the top of their not inconsiderable voices. Why the fuck am I not allowed to kill these bastards for the sake of humanity, or at least my sanity (which counts more)? I got out of bed at half five, trying to document their re-creation of a whole series of riots, but unfortunately they have eluded the watching lens of my k800. The second I go back to bed, they'll start destroying the Mile again. This is what's known as "sod's law".

I've watched the sun rise go from a dirty grey-blue to what looks to be the start of a promising morning. There must and shall be coffee, of course. I'm getting nostalgic for 2000 again, sat out the back of Cramer Street with a fag and a bottle of beer, watching the sun rise and the sky change just like today. But then I was just about to go to sleep, now I've been awake for an hour and a half and have my first day at work with my boss for over three weeks.

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