Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Stuck at work for the next hour at least. I've been left with a machine to rebuild, and I'm thinking.

I'm in that transient-bored state of mind, too zoned out to concentrate enough to read a decent book (my copy of Changeling: The Lost is staring from my bag) but restless enough to want to do something. A series of Family Guy or Futurama would pacify me if I were at home, but even then that's a bit on the passive side. I can't get into working on There's Only Music So That There's New Ringtones without the notes that reside on my MacBook.

For some reason, this state leaves me with a powerful urge to create characters for roleplaying games. Character creation is a little game-within-a-game that combines optimisation with rare choices (which modify the concept and lead to another round of optimisation). It's distracting enough when doing it because you're playing with high-concepts and a vague idea of what you want the outcome to look like, but the middle bits can be mildly surprising. Of course, at the end there's nothing but a sense of ennui at not getting to use that character.

Æternal Legends doesn't have quite the same problem — with Ethos and Beliefs a random character becomes much more a fully realised person during creation. Character creation is also quick, R2R was designed to blitz through creating characters to get to the far more interesting stuff of roleplaying.

Right now I'd ease happily back into the world of cardboard crack (CCGs), reignighting a Magic habit I thought I'd lost long ago. That would, however, require me to have an opponent, and installing a play-online client isn't an option at this time. I've an urge to play rules, without having to create anything or string together long chains of thought (which is why I'm not writing anything more complex than this post). Character creation, CCGs, and DM-less D&D (including computerised versions like NWN) hit the spot but don't provide anything useful.
Tags: boredom, restless, still at work

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