Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
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In Other News

My order of Æternal Legends is in the country. It scanned in at East Midlands Airport at just gone eight this evening.

While I mention that, I suppose I'd better mention some things:
  • Please don't assume you'll be able to buy a print copy from me. The copies I'm getting are for me, my current group, and one other.
  • Please consider buying a print copy. I know that PDFs are the way of the future or whatever, but the printed book has a physical presence that an electronic copy doesn't have.
  • If you buy and read the book, please talk about it. We're not tapping a zeitgeist, we're not filling anyone's need for a setting or system. Whether you like the game or not, please consider posting a review. Talk about it on or Story Games — I scan each daily, and if you have any questions, I'll answer them there. If you don't own the game, ask on or other fora and see if anyone answers.
I can't offer you anything if you do talk about it. That's the real problem. I can't give you anything in return. I can't make you feel included. But by talking about Æternal Legends, you're implicitly supporting an independent game where everyone involved got paid a fair wage. You're doing the right thing.

Whatever you do, be honest. I don't want you to post good reviews if you hate the game. I want you to post bad ones. The only thing that damns us is silence. Even if you hate the game, posting about it supports our business model — one in which everyone gets paid in advance and nobody's exploited by "friendship".

I fucking hate pleading, but frankly my ego doesn't count right now. Those of you who have already advertised the game, thank you. If you buy the game, talk about it. If you're on or Story Games when you do so, I'll hit the thread. I'd rather keep discussion there because it keeps everything in one place where lots of people might stumble on the thread.

One day, I'll get the 1337 photoshopping skillzorz to make LJ icons for the Clades and Spheres, but selling the game comes first.
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