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And so, it's the weekend. A couple of days off, with sleeping in. Shopping done yesterday, meaning that I could cook once again. Food is, after all, a good thing. Today, we went for a wander. From Lothian Road, we went up, round, and under the Dean Bridge. Along and through, stopping for coffee when it threatened to rain, and then into the Botanics. And there were squirrels. Lots of squirrels. From there, home to food and the fireworks that hail the end of the bloody festival.

Photos below the cut.
Pottering around the Botanics, we came across the Chinese Plants trail, which had some rather entertaining waterfalls.

It's a tree. A rather nice one, at that.
Edinburgh by Gaslight
Edinburgh by Gaslight
Just before the fireworks went "Boom", I looked down. It's the sort of view that one could have seen at any point in the last hundred years, and makes me want to write about it.

The bloom of fire and gunsmoke over the rooftops.

Ear-splitting bangs and bright, colourful lights both.

I must admit, I quite like the camera on my k800i.
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