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Yes, my Friends list nearly doubled. What can I say, I'm popular.

The FYP continues on. I need to really finish my ethical statement and methodology review by Monday and if I have a decently detailed Gantt chart of the project lifecycle then I'll be almost on track to not be behind by this time next week. Problem is, a large part of the project is research. In other words, reading. I have Trappe & Washington and Goldreich waiting to be read on my floor, with another twenty potential titles in the university library. It's just a case of knuckling down and absorbing a book that's not fiction or gaming. It's been so long since I ingested useful information from a paper medium. With any luck my critical eye is still up to the job.

The ethical part of my project is going to be fun. I at least get to rant about freedom of information and the right not to have an arbitrarily chosen official of a country you have no dealings with reading what you have typed. That should be fun. FSVO "fun", of course

In other news, I'm going to need some beta testers for this. If you're at all interested in testing an encryption package then leave me a reply to this thread leaving your e-mail address. I likely won't be beta testing until January, but if I grab a quick headcount now it'll save time in the long run. The code will most likely be Perl with a text only front end for the beta.

The weekend was boring, give or take half an hour of testing hardware trying to get a new hard drive to work and discoverng a dodgy power splitter. That and flaming some dullard on the Werewolf forum. Still, I got to try out my psychoanalysis skills, which was kinda fun.

Smash Mouth's "Walking on the Sun" is the perfect song for the Children of Gaia. Listen not to the tune, which is not the greatest, but instead the lyrics and delivery of the same put me in the perfect mindset for the Tribe. Then again, this is from the guy that thinks Bullet with Butterfly Wings is good music for Silver Fangs, so take that as you will. is the kind of modern weirdness I love. Give me more. Urban legends, unexplained phenomena, anything that could be classified as being just plain *weird*. Thanks to Greg Stolze for the link.

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