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This Is The Word On The Street

No, this doesn't invalidate your posting of interview questions. Get to it, slackers.

I've been playing with ideas for journals, for when I have time or can write entries slacking off. First is called something like "liveanddirect", a journal updated at least once a day with a somewhat jaded look at the latest world news headlines. Anyone familiar with my coverage of news and current events in Enemy Territory (there's a rant going to that tomorrow, you can believe me...) will know what to expect. No stone is left unturned, no story left intact in the search for the Truth behind the story. The second would be a community, "globalfrequency", an open community for debate and discussion of futurist ideas especially as they relate to the idea of globalisation. A kind of community for those that have woken up and seen the now and are wondering about what the future will be like on a global scale. They're projects for a later date.

I want to run an X Men game, based off the film and the Morrison comics. Lots of realism and lots of surrealism, and none of the goofy as all shit parts. Black ops and disaster recovery and living when you have to shave with a diamond razor. The sort of game where Option X would fit in alongside Mutant High teen drama. lisechen agrees with me that it would be insanely cool, therefore I cannot be wrong.

The exam earlier wasn't as bad as I feared. On the other hand, that translates to me honestly thinking I got about 60%. I answered everything, so I just hope I got a pass mark. I should have. A relatively high quantity of NLP stuff, which was a blessing. Even so, what with the two exams today and yesterday I've never been closer to sneaking a smoke. I was a good little boy, though, and refrained. My lungs remain smoke-free after two and a half months. I'm discovering levels of willpower I never knew I had.

I've still not made right with the mattress here. That's the only thing left to do, get that stripped and back in storage, get the covers put away... it's just so hard. I honestly tear up at the thought of doing it so soon. I have to get a way to live in the yoosay, and the grad school route is looking the most feasible. Then I won't have to wait too many damn months between seeing Kris, and I'll not have to say "until next time" (because I refuse point blank to ever say "goodbye") for a good long time.

Shit. I've been doing well all day. I'd better get to bed before I turn into a wreck. Again.

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