Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

What an awesome day

Currently, 24K out of 29 done with a deadline on Saturday. This is good.

Spent the day in North Berwick. Climbed the Law, which I've not done before, then wandered through the town and out on to the spur of rock that juts into the Forth, my usual resting place. Have plenty of photos, but haven't yet emptied my phone to check whether any are good. Also had a chance to sample Broadside beer in the Ship Inn. A bloody gorgeous pint, a malty beer that tastes like a perfect bitter.

I'll be at ConCrete Cow 7½ down in Milton Keynes on the 29th of the month. I'll be running games of Werewolf: The Forsaken and Æternal Legends. I was panicking about it being the same weekend as my parents are up, but they're hoping to be here the weekend before, which is good. Hardly the easiest of phone calls, there. "Mum, can you put off your trip up until October." "Only if we really have to, why?" "I'm going to be selling my book to people in Milton Keynes." "Milton Keynes? You're no son of mine."

If you want a copy of Æternal Legends (my scribbled signature optional) without going to Lulu, this is your best bet. I will not have any more copies until the next con I'm at, and I don't know when that will be. To reiterate: If you want to get a copy straight from me, come to Concrete Cow 7½. If you can't, get a copy from Lulu and meet me in the pub or something for me to deface it with my signature.

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