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I can't organise

So I've finally booked everything for ConCrete Cow down in Milton Keynes. Yeah, that's the con that's happening this weekend. I fly down stupidly early on Saturday morning, and need to navigate from Luton to MK proper. I'll throw cash at a taxi if needs must. One night in a travelodge then up at the crack of sparrowfart to head back to Edinburgh on Sunday morning.

A sane person would have got that sorted earlier. I've been rather scatterbrained recently.

My earlier period off the grid was a long weekend in Belfast. Which was fantastic. J. and I stayed in the most bombed hotel in Europe (a bloody posh bombed hotel at that), I had a pint in the crown bar, and even sampled Black Bush (not bad, but too sweet for my Islay-centric tastes). More of a writeup when I get the photos off my phone. And it involved traveling on a boat. Which is good.

I took only my phone, and regretted it. I have a noticeable lack of cash with which to investigate UMPCs, the paycheque for Tribes is already earmarked for other things. Maybe when There's Only Music So That There's New Ringtones comes in... until then, I may take the Brick, which is crap but at least can do a passable impression of a text editor with my bluetooth keyboard in tow. Maybe I should look into getting my old Treo 600 back. It's old and clunky, but by god I was in love with that phone. Considering hooking my current one up to my currently quiet Twitter thingie. We shall see. Speaking of which, anyone feel like I should be stalking them? Speak, puny humans.

Currently knackered. Have spent a lot of the last week either in tired holiday recovery mode, or overcoming dread lurgy mode. This weekend was quiet and mostly indoors, which helped a lot. Jade Empire (another Bioshock RPG) helped quiet a bit as well. I know that I owe a writeup of the last Æternal Legends session, and have for some time. That'll come this week.

And I'm out.
Tags: mindblast, planning or the lack of, recovery, update

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