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A Mage game writeup

Because it's running through my head. Use it for something.

The first part's called "You say you want a revolution?" Basic startup is the characters being dumped together in Sleepytown USA (ref: MSTH Rev). The local paradigm takes effect, but it can't change their minds. They are the only ones not going for the conformity schtick, making them a cabal. And then they get a letter in the mail to one of the houses they have been set up as living in. It's a message from the Sphynx, basically telling them to give these people a revolution. Free them from the control of the Technocracy. The first part ends when they do it.

Of course, things go wrong. The characters leave at the end of the first arc, and an external force (in this case the pawn of a Nephandus) is elected as Mayor of this new crazytown. At the start of the second arc (titled "They stole our revolution, now we're taking it back!") the PCs get to watch their good work fall apart around them as the Neph molds the paradigm of the area subtly towards one more fitting to his master's worldview. Nothing major, but it ends up like the inner-city of a WoD city like LA: Homeless people, muggings and murder with police joining in if they do anything at all.. and the characters, long since gone, get word of this. Do they stand by and watch what they worked for get perverted thoroughly, or do they go and make things *right*?

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