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Braindead memeage

I was going to do game writeups. I've got three to do now. But my legs hurt like heck and I can't fix the bloody hard disk (it fails for J. as well, it transpires) so it's time for a new one and I'm not really able to concentrate.

So they come later.

In the meantime: What's on your desk?

Standard memeage. Tell me what sits on or around your desk. Could be your desk at work or at home or wherever you work. Speak to me of the crap that clutters your life. Under a cut tag, with the usual viral rider — stick it on your own journal with a similar rider (I want to see if it spreads). Photo or text. Up to you.

One computer (Intel dual-core P4 3GHz, 1GB RAM, 80GB HDD), with fantastic sound card and no sound drivers

Ugly and annoying Dell keyboard with media controls and hotkeys

Bog standard Dell-branded M$ optical wheelmouse

Two 17” monitors running double-headed.

Two satellite speakers


Desk tidy, containing scraps of used notepaper, coffee mug, coffee, sweetner, and pens used to stir coffee

One empty bottle Irn Bru.

One ½ full bottle Irn Bru.

O’Reilly’s Active Directory 3rd edition

Install and admin guides for Kurzweil 3000.

The case for Adobe Photoshop Elements 6, with the disk in a state of quantum uncertainty.

One desk phone

One work mobile (on charge)

One personal mobile (on charge)

Power screwdriver


3 x 80GB IDE hard disks. All b0rked and out of warranty.

Anti-static wrist strap (unused)

Calendar with paydays marked

One spindle of blank CDs.
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