Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Yesterday, Upon the Stair

My memory's playing weird tricks on me. On the bus home from work, I remembered someone. I knew exactly what she looked like, I knew how her voice sounded, I remembered the curl of her hair exactly. But I couldn't remember her saying anything, I couldn't remember her name, and I couldn't remember who she was.

This went on to bug me. I must know this person, thought I, because I've never come up with a character like this, and it's too detailed to be a composite. I must know her. But where from? Who was she, and why did I remember her without knowing who she was?

On the bus in to work this morning, I remembered where I knew her from, and it all locked in to place. But that's nowhere near as freaky/cool as having a person arise in memory unbidden, with no connections to anything else to remind you of who they were.
Tags: cool, freaky

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