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And life was going so well

So then, in no real order...

The interview thread is still going good (Iscariot/Soulsong, your answers are up if you hadn't noticed). I still check it, and some of the questions have been bloody excellent. For everyone else that caught that meme, if it's not a recent post on your journal page feel free to mention it here and I'll drop you a set of 5 somehow.

I've finally got my CV sorted out, after far too long. Also, sorted my "top 10" list of jobs. It turns out that three weren't recruiting at this point or had non-functional websites (which included one of the two government jobs), two more were "e-mail for more information", which I have done, and the remaining five have had a tailored covering letter written which details my skills as applies to them. I finally finished churning those bastard things out. I feel drained.

This isn't helped by this fucking weather, which has me sat here in my boxers. It's been both hot and far too muggy, feels like my head's going to explode (and is therefore the reason for all of the motherfucking typos, well that and this machine). This is also fucking over my laptop. The damn things don't have a tolerance for high temperatures, and this has been thrashed for the past few days. It's the machine which I can use to get information online, and that's needed for the letters. It's had an average uptime of ten hours before I go online of an evening and that's another five hours. It can't handle the stress. Of course, I'd be bitched at something chronic if I tried getting my real machine online, which pisses me off. So I'm stuck stress-testing this laptop and it doesn't like it. The damn thing's had to be restarted three times today, and since the last one half an hour ago it's not stopped accessing the HD. This causes random pauses in functionality. I dunno if that's the heat, a normal scheduled thing, or something malicious because the crapulent piece of fucking retarded bloatware that Redmond dares to call an OS doesn't give any information about what processes are accessing the hard disk. If I could, I'd get rid of this OS without a second thought. This is just fucking ridiculous.

Just had to free up some space, as I realised that this laptop's chronically low on HD real estate with the whole disk-accessing thing. In my idiocy, I cleared my "Downloaded but not sorted" folder. Only as the filenames flashed up did I realise that it contained the first ten episodes of Gundam X, plus all of the Ramones and Flogging Molly I'd managed to get. Sure, I freed up 1.8 gigabytes, but I didn't want to lose all that stuff doing so. If I'd thought there is so much more crap I can get rid of.

I really, really hate Sky Digital. It's got the bigger channel selection, but the user interface (as compared to NTL digital TV) takes nice long draughts on the manhood of mummified goats.

Tomorrow promises to suck badly as I get three of my wisdom teeth ripped out.

And, yeah, I'm spent.

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