Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Radio Silence?

I should update this thing more frequently. I've not had chance recently, mostly on account of being insanely busy. Take this week just gone, for example. The weekend was a blur of Guitar Hero III and City of Heroes, but the week's been all business and then some.

Look at it this way. I've a full-time day job. Normally, if I push myself, I can get 1000-1500 usable words a day after getting home. A respectable amount. I've been feeling quite buggered after getting home[0] and yet this week I've still managed to write 9500 usable words. Closer to 10,000 when I add up the straggling fragments. When I've not been doing that I've either been answering the phone or emails (dayjob) or fixing up someone's website (guvvy).

So yeah. Really fucking busy. And knackered.

At least it's holiday time now. No more work until the 7th of January.

[0]: "That's what you get by going to public school! Ho, ho!"
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