Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Time Machine

Idea shamelessly stolen from warren_ellis, Modded to make it a meme.

Bugger looking back. Make a time capsule for the new year instead.

Post a photograph of yourself taken on the same day, and tell your future self something in that same post. Tag it something memorable.

One year today, revisit that entry. Post a reply with a then-current photo. Stare at yourself from the future. Communicate across what some stuck-up wankers would call the barrier of time.

Make history now.

Hello, me. It's me.

You've got it good right now. Certainly compared to how it has been. How are things working out for you?

Are you still writing part time, or is that a full-time gig now (it is to laugh, but I can dream). Either way, are you remembering to take breaks every few months so you don't go mad from burnout? I want to ask more about specifics, but if I nail them down with questions or statements then I'll only fuck up the natural order of things.

Oh, and please tell me that you've not got rid of either the hair or the beard.
Tags: time capsule

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