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So then

There's still some pain. And the swelling is still damn uncomfortable. I swear, the worst part about this is feeling like a fucking chipmunk. Fortunately, the nagging has died down. I figure I have until I get the stitches out to not do much. This is good. Other than that there's fuck all to report. The application form that needs filling in is mostly done, just the Blank Page of Doom staring back at me. What a stupid fucking thing to say "Here's 4 sides of bullet points that you will need to cover in your answer. Give detailed accounts of situations in which you demonstrated the skills needed. You have one side of A4, handwritten in which to do so." That's just fucking evil. It's why I hate application forms. Give me the three paragraphs I use in a covering letter to go over the main points and I can do so. I can pull a blinder with that, add in my CV (which will be going online soon, as I'm working on a website update) and I'm fine. I can deal with that. I can even deal with the interviews afterwards. I just really, really hate application forms where they ask this shit.

Going back to my teeth... on the side where two were ripped out it feels like I have teeth growing through. I want to bite on something. This is not good.

One final thing: If you haven't yet, interview me. I'm a whore for this kind of thing.

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