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Livejournal's just done the first dumb thing since it was bought out by SUP. 100 days without pissing people off is pretty good compared to the SixApart days, but that's hardly much of a comparison.

What have they done?

New account holders can no longer create Basic accounts.

Note that this only applies to new accounts. If you've been enjoying a "Basic" (what was, in my day, called a "Free" account and required a friends code... back when this were all fields) account for a while and never wanted to plaster ads over your personal journal or flist, then you continue doing so.

Personally, this is not the massive betrayal that drama-whores are pretending it is. Far greater was when SixApart started plastering ads all over the site's infrastructure rather than only in ad-supported journals. Anyone who thinks this is worse can blow me. Imposing ads on those who have paid to not see them (on the login page, f'rex) is worse than saying "you can use all our features and see some ads, or get rid of the ads and get some more features for $20". It's the same as subscribing to RPG.net or SA or anywhere else that lets you pay to get rid of ads.

Or you could just use a browser that comes with built-in ad-blocking, because ads turn a site's readers from consumers into a product that is sold to advertisers.

But yeah. Not yet as evil as 6A.


Mar. 13th, 2008 01:35 pm (UTC)
Re: Not entirely unexpected
You honestly think this is worse than what 6A did?

What the fuck planet do you live on?
Mar. 13th, 2008 03:06 pm (UTC)
Re: Not entirely unexpected
It's really not what the previous owners did. That's now the past.

It's what the present owners could do. And that's the future.

There's nothing in the statute books that says that the present owners can, or will, deliver the services 6A once delivered, or uphold the policies 6A had regarding the showing of ads, and this change could well be the start of a lot of changes - including revoking even existing basic accounts and forcing everyone, down the road, to accept ads - even adopting a policy of "the more you pay, the fewer ads you get" rather than "subscribe to avoid ads altogether."

The feeling I get from this small change is that we're the frog, they're the water, and someone just turned up the heat a little bit. Only a little. But they're not done turning up the heat yet, are they?

And incidentally, while there's nothing that says that SUP have to continue applying the same egregious Puritanical heavy-handed policies of 6A during Strikethrough '07 ... there's no rule that says these guys can't, or won't, revisit them at some point in the future.



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