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One of the places on the Mile has a really fucking annoying burglar alarm. It's pitched at a very intrusive frequency, like a whistle or a songbird but a lot louder—as if there were a songbird right outside the bloody window that a) never took more than half a second before notes and b) made each note at random, either descending or ascending. Always the same two notes, and c) required a full set of earplugs to ignore. And frankly, if I use earplugs again I'm going to be deaf in one ear.

It's been doing on now for at least an hour. I know from bitter experience that the alarm doesn't turn itself off. Last time I had any experience with the bollocking thing was at four in the morning and I saw no peace before going to work at half seven. But today is different. Today is different in three ways.

1) I'm off work. So I've been woken up at half past cunting six when I don't have to be up at all. Not that this has meant that I've slept in past seven on any day yet, but I'm getting sick of 4-6 hours' kip. GIVE ME 8 HOURS, GODFUCKIT!
2) It only started going off at half six, rather than four.
3) I've had to put the bins out. Meaning that I know that it's the alarm sounder box on the corner of James' Court, the mid entry. I still don't know if it's the shithole next to James' Court on the Mile, or whether it's the pit that sits partially down James' Court, but I know that it's that sounder box.

Unfortunately, it's gone half seven. That means it's too late to call the police on the utter cunts who installed a burglar alarm without a timeout, because it's past the general time when that would be considered offensive. I thought either 20 minutes or an hour of continuous sounder was the longest allowed by law so that your neighbors could get some fucking sleep, but obviously I'm mistaken.

But I know for next time. And a bit of detective work will let me know who to kick in the fucking knackers next time their hellish device decides it's more important than actual people. Because whatever kind of tartan tat you sell, you should let the cocking stuff burn.

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