Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
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cairmen Got There First

So I'll quote him:

1) I'll just quote from BoingBoing here:

"Neil Berkett, the new CEO of Virgin Media (my ISP at home in London,along with BT) has announced that he considers Net Neutrality to be "a load of bollocks" and he's promised to put any website or service thatwon't pay Virgin a premium to reach its customers into the "Internet bus lane.""

2) Be Unlimited now serve Edinburgh - you can get 24 meg download and 1.3 meg upload (a lot faster than Virgin) for £18 (a lot cheaper than Virgin). I signed up for them a couple of days ago, and they've managed to get me connected (they allege - connection arrives tomorrow) in less than 5 days. So far, very, very impressed.

So yes. If you're with Virgin Media, you pay them. What you get is good speeds to any website or service that also pays them, and crap service otherwise. Oddly, Virgin Media think that's fair. Which is utter crap, obviously. You pay them to get access to the Internet, not "the bits of the Internet that already pay them". Jump ship.

Virgin Media are as big a bunch of money-grubbing cunts as Harmonix, the worthless bastards who brought Rock Band to the US at a price of $169, and to the UK at a price of £180—a markup of 100%. Harmonix blamed VAT for the increase but VAT's only 17.5%. Where the remaining 82.5% increase goes, only Harmonix' dealer and pimp knows.
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