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Couple of good things on in the past couple of days.

The new Doctor Who was a damn sight better than the first episode of the series. It had jokes. And real monsters, like wot I did kick the crap out of in God of War II. It wasn't a work of genius but was instead a fantastic episode of Who by virtue of simply being good fun. Not in the campy way of Daleks in Manhattan, where most of the audience ignored the emo cuddly-Cthulhu ripoff in favour of cheering on the genocidal pepperpots. "You taught us to imagine. We imagined your irrelevance." being the line that demonstrates just why the Daleks were the real heroes there. No, this one had stone Legionnaires and future-tellers and a moral choice. Admittedly, they sold out the moral choice by making it Pompeii or the world, but it'll do for now. Can't dump a mouthy tart like Donna straight into something like 20,000 lives vs. the future, but giving her a more concrete decision works.

Interesting thought. Everything that's "fixed" so far has been something that the Doctor has had a hand in, either because he's already been there or because he's destined to do so.

And the first installment of Waking the Dead. Finishes tomorrow. No comments before finishing the last part. UK people should note that it's BBC and thus on iPlayer. But Boyd's had a haircut. Damn this fashion for shorter hair.
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