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What a day

Slept through my morning lectures and my morning group assignment meeting. Never a good start with things how they are. I woke up at 23 minutes past. The significance of that has not been missed. Number of empty Dr Pepper bottles in my room when I cleared it out earlier? 23. Something big is going to happen.

The D&D game this aftrenoon went about par for the course. nothing serious happenned, and it finished with a fight that took far too long. That's the problem with the D20 system, it doesn't *feel* at all intuitive. Attribute *modifiers*? Right, so there's no ifference between my Strength's 14 and my Dex of 15? Even theough one is higher than the others they have no actual difference at all for the purposes at all? And why do you have to remember so many stupid numbers? And what's with the levels? That is so retro it's untrue. (Yes, there are good points to D20. I can't be bothered to think of anything it does that the Storyteller system, or Cyberpunk, or Deadlands, or GURPS doesn't, and on top of that, it uses *levels*. This is my LJ, and I shall rant if I want to.)

No Mage game tomorrow. I have more important things to be doing.

I got properly stoned for the first time in ages earlier. That's probably the only reason I'm not exploding right now.

A troll has returned to my Forum, a particularly moronic excretion in the gene pool. I am at war. I shall ask no quarter and none shall be given. I shall not enter into any pleas for peace. The Digital Raven is at war and nothing short of victory shall stop me.

If I couldn't rant at people online, I would have been locked up long ago.

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