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Fight Like a Legend!

It's been a while since I mentioned Æternal Legends. Fortunately, that can change now. Our first supplement, Fight Like a Legend, is out right now as a PDF for just $3.25. For folks in the UK, that's about £1.70. That's less than my bus fare to and from work, and believe me this is a hell of a lot more fun.

I didn't have a hand in Fight Like a Legend. It's all eyebeams' work, which makes sense: Æternal Legends uses the R2R system, and R2R is his baby. Nobody's better qualified to deconstruct and reconstruct combat.

This is just the first release of a range of short supplements that focus on making the game feel like it's yours. Next up is The Ties That Bind, an introductory adventure originally run at Conpulsion 2008 that comes complete with pre-generated characters and a fleshed-out setting. After that, we've got a book on modifying Sphere mechanics and even more.

If there's part of the game that you think could benefit from a supplement, let me know in a comment below!

Fight Like a Legend is the first supplement for Æternal Legends. Malcolm Sheppard, author of the R2R system used in Æternal Legends, turns his expert eye to the combat system and tears it open with this range of new and variant rules. Organized into five separate (but complimentary) plug-ins, this fifteen-page PDF gives players and GMs alike a raft of options to make combat feel right.

  • Alternate Combat Rules: This section includes new combat systems that favour simple, fast action over tactical detail.
  • Stylized Fighting: Hack the system to add rules for special actions that go above and beyond standard bullets and strikes.
  • Fast Injuries: Replace the core game’s “stepped pyramid of doom” with hits and conditions that give you a new way to track injuries.
  • Social Conflict: Sometimes, words are a Legend’s strongest weapons. This section adds detailed rules for giving speeches, intimidating enemies and winning debates.
  • Legendary Action: We conclude with Legend-only tactics. Send your enemies running with a single strike or a well-chosen word, or win the day with an unforgettable sacrifice.
Fight Like a Legend is available for just $3.25 from RPGnow.
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