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The reason for last night's entry was the laptop's bizarre not-wanting-ICQ-to-work, which took two and a half hours to fix and lost me the entirety of my History since, well, Germany that was on there (that's Germany, the Great American Visit, and random moments through this past academic year). Needless to say, the fact that these are (while compressed as .dat and .idx) 100 meg, I'm pissed off. Add that to the fact that the machine needed a re-start every time I tried something, and half the time that would lead to the bastard lump of feculent crap crashing and needing another restart... every 5-10 minutes for two hours or more.

I figure today, I'll poke around while I'm offline, having got ICQ working at last. I'd see what I could do about getting the history back. After all, I've got a day free to play with things, and time. Fat chance. It took six attempts at booting before seeing the ME startup screen. The previous five, the HD lost power. Now, add to this that it didn;t actually start ME, just crash *later*... Another reboot.

"No hard drive detected."

I screamed. I couldn't help it. After trying everything I could think of (including picking it up and shaking the bastard thing like Bond's martini), after another ten attempts the damn thing booted far enough to allow me to log in. After giving me the chance to back up about half of the stuff I needed to zip disk, it crashed again. I've been unable to back up the remaining stuff. I've been unable to get the machine back into a state where keys beyond the three finger salute are recognised.

Oh, and as I was getting the zip disks to back up to, I broke my mirror.

So, the upshot is that unless I can get it working soon, I won't be online tonight, or tomorrow, or any time at all. The laptop is the only machine of mine that can get online (this is my brother's machine), and I can use neither my or my brother's desktop past 11pm as I get complained at for typing too loud. Needless to say, being online before 11pm is neither bastard use nor fucking ornament.

If I'm not around for a few weeks, you now know why. Given that I go nuts without a net connection, you also know where to find me (care of the local funny farm).

I hate this planet.

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