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What Lies Beneath

We've had no hot water since Monday morning. The boiler-repair people apparently couldn't get parked today. Useless bastards. If they're not in and done by half nine tomorrow morning, I'm going to go fucking mental. However, that's not the main problem I'm having at present.

At the weekend, the useless fuckers below us re-angled the lights that illuminate the name of their shop.

Those lights now point through our bedroom window, making even 3am look like dawn. I've been sleeping in bursts of between half an hour and an hour because of this, and haven't the energy to do much of anything.

The people below have proven unwilling to listen to complaints in the past—I had to lodge two noise complaints before they stopped doing full shopfitting work in the hours between midnight and dawn.

Is there anyone at the council I can phone? Would my landlady have more sway with these bastards than a mere tenant like me? And in the hypothetical situation that their lights happened to get moved without me being involved whatsoever, may any consequences be forthcoming?

[flocked for sleepdep-powered paranoia]
Tags: fuckers downstairs, sleep, stress

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